Which Battle Royale Is Right for You?

The Battle Royale To End All Battle Royales

Battle Royale games are taking over the world. But with so many developers jostling to get in on the action, how can consumers know which game is right for them? To settle things once and for all, we dispatched StreamCraft’s Senior War Correspondent into the fray to boil things down and help you decide which game is right for you.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds

Developer: BlueHole Studio and PUBG Corp.

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

Price: ~$29.99 USD for PC and consoles, but free on mobile.

What makes it special?:
It’s got some serious pedigree. Created by Brendan Greene (the granddaddy of the Battle Royale phenomenon), PUBG is the genre at its purest: the player, a desolate Eastern European island, and 99 other players inexplicably compelled to kill everyone else. Usually people try to get off deserted islands, but PUBG flips that narrative on its head for the high stakes, competitive hermitry that we can’t get enough of (in February, the game passed the 30 million sales mark!)

Even though the game is losing ground to the competition (namely Fortnite), PUBG’s reputation as the most ‘serious’ Battle Royale game gives fans something to lord over others, like Twitch legend Dr. Disrespect does here.

Best for: Battle Royale purists, and people who already bought it.

Avoid if: You’re looking for a little more light-heartedness in a Battle Royale game.


Developer:Epic Games.

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android.

Price: Free! But if you want to earn rewards, you’ll need to cough up about $9.99USD to get a Battle Pass.

What makes it special?
Unique building mechanics aside, the main thing to know about Fortnite is that it’s insanely popular, and bringing gaming squarely into the mainstream. In January 2018, Epic Games made the announcement that the game shot past the 45 million downloads mark, a massive achievement that’s no doubt been far surpassed in the months since.

We also know with 100% certainty that at least one of those downloads came from a user called “TheBoyDuddus” – a gaming nom de plume for the 6 God himself, Drake. That means that, statistically, playing Fortnite might be your best chance of ever interacting with Drizzy.

This is all about to change though: Fortnite just launched in China – the most populous country in the world – and Tencent are putting some serious cheddar behind the rollout. Your chances of playing with Drake are about to get seriously diluted.

Best for: Rap fans, cheapskates, and people who felt like The Sims never had enough guns in the mix.

Avoid if: You proudly live under a rock, or prefer shooters that have a little more grit.

Darwin Project

Developer: Scavengers Studio.

Platform(s): PC.

Price: Free!

What makes it special?
Darwin Project stands out from the rest of the Battle Royale herd with a unique visual style, a better-conceived story that gives context to the deathmatch, and interactive elements for viewers.

Set in the Canadian wilderness, competitors can set traps and use the environment around them to track and kill their opponents (or just go for the tried-and-true run and gun technique).

Best for: Outdoorsy types who loved the Cabela’s Big Game Hunter series, Canadians, and anyone who likes free things that feel like they shouldn’t be free.

Avoid if: You’re all about the large scale showdowns you find in other Battle Royale games. Darwin Project games have 10 players facing off (instead off the customary 100), which creates a different gameplay experience.

Radical Heights

Developer: Boss Key Productions.

Platform(s): PC.

Price: Free!

What makes it special?
A totally tubular visual style, awesome BMX biking mechanics, and an in-game cash system that lets you customize your character or purchase weapons for the next round.

Best for: Intensely nostalgic 80’s babies who worship ALF and rock hammer pants on the daily, and people not afraid to bet on the underdog.

Avoid if: You hate(d) the 1980s, or aren’t looking to stray away from the ‘more realistic’ options.

Roblox Hunger Games

Platform(s): User-generated (from OzzyPig)

Price: Free!

What makes it special?
It’s gritty as hell, and pre-dates DayZ: Battle Royale (the ARMA 2 mod that set Brendan Greene on course to create PUBG).

Best for: Uncompromising Battle Royale gamers craving a true hardcore experience, and readers whose parents won’t let them play any of the other options.

Avoid if: You still get PTSD flashbacks from getting repeatedly dunked on by 9 year olds in CoD 4.


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