The Latest Updates (April 2019)

We’ve got another app update for you coming out the week of April 15th (🤞), with lots of great new features! Read on to learn all about it.

App Version 2.1 – Summary

It’s V 2.1 of StreamCraft! We’re proud to introduce lots of new features and updates 🤗:

  • The Mission System. With this feature, you’ll be able to complete various platform-wide tasks to earn more Green Tickets (or even Coins). These tasks will include following streamers, participating in the chat, going live for the first time, and more! Further details on this feature below.
  • Probably the most requested feature from partnered/signed streamers – we’re happy to announce CUSTOM URLs! 🎉This means instead of sharing with someone, you’ll now be able to share You can read all the info below.
  • Stream replays will now support resolution selection (transcoding), if the original stream had transcoding enabled. So, if your past stream had transcoding available for 720p/480p/240p, then the replay will have that as well!
  • Our web platform will now have more options for you to purchase Coins, including Codapay, UniPin, QIWI, TrueMoney, and Razer Pay.
  • Improved search on app and web! You’ll now be able to search by user ID, Invitation Code, and username.
  • Push notifications will now include an image – so when a streamer you follow goes live, you will see their cover image included in the push notification. Pretty nifty!
  • Slight change to how live videos are uploaded to the server(s) which will ultimately reduce stuttering, especially for viewers with slower internet speeds.
  • As usual, more “general” updates like improving our servers and further optimizing our platform.

The Mission System

Users can earn Green Tickets (or Coins) by completing tasks set by us. Some of the tasks will include:

  • Sharing streams
  • Follow new streamers
  • Check out more live streams
  • Log-in every day for a week
  • Fill out all the details of your profile
  • Stream every day for a week for at least 20 minutes per stream
  • Donate 100 Coins
  • Top-Up more Coins
  • And more!

You can access Missions by going to Me (My Account on web), and then clicking on My Missions. You should then see Missions sorted by Platform-wide tasks (linking social media, adding an avatar, etc) and Streaming tasks (going live, growing your following, etc).

From here you can track your progress on missions, and if you’ve already claimed rewards for them.

You can also view Missions on any live stream – simply click the blue and yellow checklist icon.

You’ll also notice along with general Missions that directly earn you Tickets, we also have Daily and Weekly Missions. These accumulate Points (the blue icon) which you can use to unlock a special chest filled with Tickets.

Make sure you take note of the Mission’s expiry date and time! If you don’t complete the Mission before it’s expiry date, all of your progress will be reset.

Custom URLs

Signed / contracted partners will now be able to set the ending for their own custom URL (E.g. You only have one chance to change it, so be sure to review all of these requirements before hitting ‘Save’!

  • URL can only contain letters, numbers, and ‘_’, unfortunately no special characters are allowed.
  • URL must comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines – no swearing or inappropriate words please.
  • Your custom URL will now replace your ID (aka your invitation code). Using the same example, StreamCraftHQ’s old Invitation code was DA07854. Once we updated our URL, the Invitation Code became streamcrafthq.
  • If you run into any trouble creating your custom URL, please email us at

Watch the videos below for how to set up your custom URL.

On mobile, first go to Me. Then tap on the top section with your StreamCraft username. From here, tap the Edit symbol (a paper with a pencil) at the top right of the screen. Next, tap your ID – you will now be taken to the section where you can edit and customize your ID/custom URL. Type in your information, checking to make sure you’re following our guidelines, and tap OK. You’re done!
On web, first go to My Account, then Profile. You should see the ID section right below your StreamCraft Nickname is now a field you can edit. Type in your information, taking note of our guidelines. Click Save, and you’re done!

We’re doing our best to listen to all of your feedback, and hope you enjoy this latest round of fixes. As always, there is more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned as we continue to make StreamCraft even more amazing. If you notice something is going buggy, or have more feedback on the platform, contact us at!

-The StreamCraft Team-

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