Streaming Data: Views, ACU, and Other Metrics for Success

Hello Streamers!

Thanks for streaming or considering to stream on StreamCraft.

We want all of you to be the very best, the best there ever was ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°), on on our platform and so we’d like to give you some tips to understand our streaming data. These stats may be confusing at first, but they’ll give you insights on how to improve your performance and become a star on StreamCraft! 🌟

Here are some of the metrics that are key to your success:

▶️ Views

This shows how many unique users have watched your live stream. It counts any user who ever entered your stream, and this stat will only grow. Having high views is good, but a more important stat is the concurrent users. So attract more viewers to your channel but also make them stay! 💪

The number of views is displayed just below the live stream video, on the left-hand side.

You can also see how many people are watching a stream in the bottom right corner of the thumbnails before entering any channel.


Concurrent Users – Shows how many people are watching your stream simultaneously. For live streams, this ensures more interaction within your channel. The more the merrier, right!?

In order to see the CCU at any time during a stream, click on the Coin Drop icon (the teal chest box). It will be show under “No. of Recipients”.


Average Concurrent Users – Average number of users watching your stream simultaneously from your live-stream session. This is a key stat that StreamCraft values, especially if you wish to become a partner or maintain your partner status . In order for you to grow, you need to interact with more viewers and keep them engaged during your streams! 💬

You won’t be able to see this metric until your stream is over, but you can check the Coin Drop feature every now and then to see how many people are following your session at any time.

Note: If you are a signed streamer, your payments will be based on you valid ACU, which is slightly different (see below).

✅ Valid ACU

This is only applicable for partnerned/signed streamers. Essentially, it means that your viewers have to be logged in on a valid and verified account to be counted as a valid viewer. Payments are based on valid viewers, not total viewers, so make sure to tell your audience to register and log in! Not only they will count towards your valid ACU, but you can benefit from our Invitation Program bonus or get Props, and they can enjoy all the sweet StreamCraft features like free Coins from Coin Drops!

You’ll find your valid ACU in your monthly streamer’s report.


Peak Concurrent Users – Shows the record highest number of people watching your stream simultaneously from your live-stream session. PCU will always be higher than ACU. This is a good sign – and an ego boost – but as we mentioned before, it’s not only about reaching a high number but maintaining a good average.

You’ll be able to check this metric once the stream is over, in the Streaming Data page.

Here is how you can check your ACU/PCU and any other metrics on StreamCraft:

Go to “My Account” (“Me” on mobile):

Select “Streaming Data”:

Voilà! 🎉🤷‍♂️ Why are these important?

CCU and ACU are key things we look at because we value interaction between you and your audience. We encourage as many people to come and watch your stream. The more viewers you have, the more chat, interactions, and connections will be generated! This is how you create your own community, who will support you and make you succeed as a streamer. Community is everything 💞

Now go and make those numbers grow!

Happy streaming 🙂


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