Update 2.4: Subscriber Perks, First-time Purchase Bonus, and more!

August 2019 Update

Hey, did you hear? We’ve got another app update! Welcome to StreamCraft version 2.4 😊.

App Version 2.4 – Summary

  • Subscriber-only Stickers (aka emojis). Streamers and subscribers, rejoice, you now have access to exclusive stickers. Streamers can set up their own custom emojis for subscribers to use in any chat; read below for instructions on how to set them up!
  • On the subscription note, you can now subscribe on the website. Yaaaay!
  • First-Time Purchase Bonus. If you’ve been hesitant about purchasing Coins, this bonus is for you! All you have to do is go to Top Up and buy some Coins – if it’s your first time, you’ll receive a nice bonus. 💰
  • Update to Past Streams (Replays / VODs). Past streams will now only be saved for 30 days. On the upside, though, partnered/signed streamers will now be able to download their past streams. 🤯 Read below to learn how to do this.
  • Improved Commenting on Past Streams. You may have noticed, you can leave comments on past streams. We’ve improved this interface in 2.4; you can now reply directly to other people’s comments and give ’em a like. Get interacting!
  • Fan Club Medals Linking. This is a small change, but hopefully helpful for streamers with Fan Clubs – your Fan Club medal will now link directly to your channel. So if one of your Fans pops up in a chat, anyone can click on the Fan Club Medal to get directed to your channel. 👍
  • And of course, our usual tech improvements 🤖

Subscriber-only Stickers

Streamers can now set their own custom Stickers for Subscribers to use in their chat.

On the website, go to My Account, then About Streamer, and then Subscriber Sticker Settings. Now click Add!
You’ll see a dialog box open, which is where you can upload your custom Stickers.


You need to follow these settings to upload your Stickers (otherwise you’ll just be causing yourself some headaches):

  • Your Sticker must be less than 10 kb.
  • Your Sticker’s dimensions must be 1:1 – make it a square folks, for example, 60×60 px.
  • The filename of your Sticker must have a combination of 2 different character types – so letters and numbers, letters and ‘/’, or letters and ‘_’. It can also only be up to 10 characters long.
    • Naming your Sticker “Bob” won’t work ❌
    • Naming your Sticker “123” won’t work ❌
    • Naming your Sticker “space_cat” will work ✔️

Some other tips:

  • Follow our Community Guidelines, and Terms of Use (obviously).
  • Transparency in your image will work, as long as you save the file in png format.
  • Use something that is recognizable and unique to your community!

OK, back to the tutorial. Once you’ve got your Sticker file ready, named and sized correctly, click Select Sticker Image(s) in the dialog box and upload them. Click Upload – if everything’s gone correctly, you should see the ‘Successful Upload’ popup.

Now that you’ve successfully uploaded your first Sticker, your Subscribers can start using them!

On the website, all your Subscribers have to do is go to your channel and click the happy face icon directly below the chat. The Sub-exclusive Stickers will appear at the top.

Then they just click on the Sticker, and Send it, simple as that! They can also type the file name you set for your Sticker in the chat as a shortcut to send it 🤓.

Don’t worry mobile users, Subscribers can send Stickers on the StreamCraft mobile app too. You as the streamer can only upload your Stickers on the website, though (for now).

Partner Streamer Perk – Download Past Streams

It’s finally here, you can download your past streams (aka VODs)! 🎉 There is a catch – as you’ve probably read from our in-app message, this means ALL past streams will only be saved for 30 days. So let’s get into how exactly you download your old live streams!

On the website, go to My Account, then My Streams.

You should see your streams from the past 30 days. First, click ‘Request for Download’, and wait a few minutes. Then click ‘Download’. You should be able to download your VOD in an mp4 file format from here.
Because your streams will only be saved for 30 days, we recommend downloading them as soon as you can 👩‍🏫.

That wraps up all the new fun stuff in 2.4! If you have any comments, questions, concerns, please email us at support@streamcraft.com.

The StreamCraft Team


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