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Welcome! You’ve made your way here as you decided to give streaming a try, but have many questions that need answering. We’ve collected a library of videos from our streamers, and how-to guides to help get your journey kick-started. Happy streaming!

The Wonderful World of OBS

Do you want to use OBS for your awesome gaming sessions on StreamCraft but you’re not quite sure which video settings will offer the best streaming performance? Read our how-to guide for our recommendations on setting up OBS with StreamCraft here.

OR watch some of these amazing videos from StreamCraft streamers:

Tutorial do OBS com o TEBATO (PT-BR)

Cómo hacer directos en StreamCraft con OBS (ES)

PayPal – I want to get Paid!

Are you experiencing any issues to get paid on the platform? Check out this troubleshooting guide for properly connecting your PayPal account to StreamCraft. And don’t despair! More payment options are coming in the future.

What the heck is this Streaming Data?

You may have noticed when you go to “My Account” on web, there is a section called “Streaming Data”. Once there, you’ll see a bunch of columns like ‘ACU’, ‘PCU’, and more – and it’s probably pretty confusing! That’s why we have created this short guide about what they are and why they are important to us. Also, some videos explaining the ins and outs are coming soon!

Coins, Coins, Coins!

You have probably seen many viewers begging for Coins – but what the heck are they and why do people want them so much? And what’s more important, how can you earn them!? Read more about the StreamCraft Coins here.

Double-Down – Place your bets!

Did you know that your viewers can bet about your performance on a game? Follow these steps to get your audience involved and add up some more thrill to your streams.

Something awesome happened during my stream, is there a way to save it?

Absolutely! That’s what our clipping function is for! Just a note, it is only available on mobile (for now). Check out the how-to guide here.

Or watch this handy-dandy video:

I want to use Clips and my Past Streams for a Compilation Video!

Great idea! There isn’t a fully built-in function for downloading content from StreamCraft (yet), but we have an “Unofficial Alpha” method that you can read about soon.

More information and guides coming soon!


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