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Welcome! You’ve made your way here as you decided you wanted to know the ins and outs of StreamCraft, and potentially wanted to give streaming a try, but have many questions that need answering. We’ve collected a library of videos from our streamers, and how-to guides to help get your journey kick-started. Happy streaming!

The Basics of Going Live

Anyone can be a live streamer – even you! We encourage everyone to give live streaming a shot, even if it’s just for fun with your friends. And who knows, maybe you’ll be really awesome at it and become our next big star (PS if this sounds like you, make sure you check out our latest program, StreamCraft Stardom 🤩).

Either way, to get you started, you can go live to our platform in a few different ways, using our Android app, iOS app, the StreamCraft PC app, or OBS (more on OBS below). We’re building up our library of resources to help you out with each of these streaming methods, check back often for more info!

The Wonderful World of OBS

Do you want to use OBS for your awesome gaming sessions on StreamCraft but you’re not quite sure which video settings will offer the best streaming performance? TL;DR – we recommend a Bit Rate of 2500 kbps, 30 FPS Frame Rate, a Keyframe Interval of 2 seconds, 720p resolution, and x264 Encoder.

We definitely recommend as well that you read the FULL how-to guide for setting up OBS with StreamCraft here.

You can also watch some of these amazing videos from StreamCraft streamers:

Tutorial do OBS com o TEBATO (PT-BR)

Cómo hacer directos en StreamCraft con OBS (ES)

What the heck is this Streaming Data?

Even if you’re just starting out streaming, you’ll want to get a good idea of your “Streaming Data”. You may have noticed this mystical section when you go to “My Account” on web (“Me” on Mobile). Once there, you’ll see a bunch of columns like ‘ACU’, ‘PCU’, and more – and it’s probably pretty confusing!

The short of it is, each of these columns will give insight into how each stream performed. Short summary:

  • PCU = Peak Concurrent Users, the highest total number of viewers that were in your stream at once.
  • ACU = Average Concurrent Users, the average of all the viewers that were ever in your stream.

Of course, we also created this short guide about what each of these numbers means, and why they are important to us. Also, some videos explaining the ins and outs are coming soon!

What do all these icons mean?

Stars and clapperboards and red gift boxes, oh my! There are a lot of other icons in the app, time to learn them all. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Gear icon = transcoding (video resolution) tool. Partnered/signed streamers have access to this, to make your viewing experience easier! You can choose to view the stream at its source, high, mid, or low resolution on both the website and mobile app.
  2. Text bubble = turn flying text on/off. You may have seen when you chat, your message appears on top of the live video, neat! Sometimes it can be distracting, so feel free to turn it on/off anytime.
  3. Caution symbol = report the stream.
  4. Clapperboard symbol = make a Clip (mobile only, more on this below).
  5. Share arrow = share via SMS, social media, etc or rehost (more on this below).
  6. Star symbol with a cross through it = edit message settings. By clicking this, you can customize which messages you see in the chat. If you don’t really care that Bob227 followed the streamer you’re watching, go ahead and Hide Follow Messages!
  7. Green checkmark = Subscribe to the streamer (mobile only). By subbing, you get some unique perks and are showing that you’re a pretty big fan!
  8. Teal and gold chest = Coin Drops (more below)!
  9. Red gift box = Send a Prop (digital gift). This is an easy way to show your support. We frequently update our Props, so check ’em out for what’s new and exciting.

Extra, Extra, StreamCraft News!

As you may have noticed, there’s usually quite a lot going on at StreamCraft! To stay in the loop make sure you:

  • Read our blog on the regular (you’re already on it, good job!),
  • Follow us on social media (@streamcrafthq on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), and
  • Check your in-app messages on the mobile app!

Coins, Coins, Coins!

You have probably seen many viewers begging for Coins – but what the heck are they and why do people want them so much? And what’s more important, how can you earn them!?

Coin Drop

You can get more Coins by redeeming a Coin Drop (stay on the lookout for the teal and gold chest), participating and winning QuizCraft, purchasing more (topping up), putting in a friend’s Invitation Code and watching 90 minutes of any stream (50 coins, woot 🤑), and by participating in other special events.

Read more about the StreamCraft Coins here.

And what about these little green Tickets?

You may have noticed when you complete a Mission like verifying your email or click the little egg icon after watching a live stream for a bit, you receive some fancy green Tickets. You can even get some from watching Incentive Ads, purchasing more Coins, participating in a Double-Down (more on that below), WOW, lots of ways to earn! But what do they actually do…?

The short answer – you can purchase a lot of cool customization using Tickets, like a fancy Alligator Fan Medal or a Sushi Chat icon. Once purchased, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to equip them, just head on over to Privileges.

You can also join a streamer’s Fan Club by purchasing a Fan Club Ticket Prop! All this, and more, is on our dedicated blog allll about the Fan Club system.

What’s this about Gems?

Gems are for you streamers who are basking in the love of you fans! As soon as a viewer sends a Prop, subscribes to you, or becomes your VIP, you’ll receive some Gems. Depending on your partnership level you’ll earn a higher percentage.

Once you earn at least 2,000 Gems, you’ll be able to make a withdrawal for real moolah (2,000 Gems = $20 USD). It does take some time to process, so we recommend waiting until you have at least $50 worth before making a withdrawal. You can check out all the amount breakdowns by going to:
Me -> Wallet -> Gems Balance -> Withdraw -> Select Withdraw.

Double-Down – Place your bets!

Did you know that your viewers can bet about your performance on a game? Follow these steps to get your audience involved and add up some more thrill to your streams.

Something awesome happened during my stream, is there a way to save it?

Absolutely! That’s what our clipping function is for! Just a note, it is only available on mobile (for now). Check out the how-to guide here.

Or watch these handy-dandy videos:

I want to use Clips and my Past Streams for a Compilation Video!

Great idea! There isn’t a fully built-in function for downloading content from StreamCraft (yet), but it’s coming soon for partnered streamers!

What are some other ways I can support my fellow streamers?

One (underused) way to help support your fellow streamers is to Rehost their stream. Once you hit the Rehost button, that other person’s stream will also be “hosted” on your live channel. So if someone is looking you up on the app, they’ll see you’re rehosting another stream and be able to check it out.

To rehost, first tap the live video to see the interaction panel (similar to Clipping). Next tap the Share arrow. Now just tap Rehost, and you’re done!

More information and guides coming soon!


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