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Updated: Mar 11

Host your next esports event with StreamCraft & we will sponsor the prize!

Everyone knows esports is the next big thing and StreamCraft wants to make it happen! Host your esports event on StreamCraft and we will pay for your prizes. Here is how you can host:

Minimum Criteria

  1. You must be a registered StreamCraft streamer
  2. You must run 1 tournament BEFORE applying the sponsorship to show us how it performs (ACU: Average Concurrent Users watching at the same time) – this helps us to decide level of sponsorship


  1. Finish this Google Form: English | Portuguese | Spanish
  2. After a review, our staff will get back to you. Depending on the volume of requests, we may contact final candidates only
  3. Streamer needs to host a non-sponsored test tournament
  4. StreamCraft will review this tournament and decide how much we can support in the next tournament
  5. If approved, StreamCraft will promote the tournament as an official sponsored tournament through banners, a blog post, a social media post
  6. After the tournament is over, you need to sends us winners’ information including PayPal accounts
  7. StreamCraft will send the prizes to the winners via PayP


  1. You will have to organize and run the tournament entirely and fairly; you or your team or teams that are directly associated to you are not to compete for the prize
  2. You have to stream the entire tournament exclusively on StreamCraft
  3. StreamCraft will determine the final sponsorship prize amount
  4. If any disputes between contestants occurs, you need to resolve the issues first and if the problem continues, StreamCraft may cancel the sponsorship payment

That is it! Now, go plan your tournament and ask us if your event can be sponsored!


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