StreamCraft North America Open: Auto Chess

Official Rules

The Auto Chess Open Tournament is finally here! Let’s find out who is the BEST AC player in the North American region and in the world! The tournament will be hosted by one of the top-ranked AC players in the world, CallMeGlitch! There’ll be top gameplay, epic moments, and of course awesome giveaways. 💪

Registration will be open September 4-12. The Tournament will officially start on September 13th at 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST and will be going for 4 days, with the Grand Finals being held on September 20th. Don’t miss out – make sure you apply now!

Make sure you join our Auto Chess Discord channel, fill out the application form, and follow the steps listed there. Check out all the details and rules of the tournament below:

🎁 Prize Pool

  • 1st place: $120 USD, in-game prizes, ticket to the SC Internationals
  • 2nd place: $60 USD, in-game prizes, ticket to the SC Internationals
  • 3rd place: $30 USD, in-game prizes, ticket to the SC Internationals
  • 4th-8th place: Ticket to the SC Internationals
  • Lucky viewers on CallMeGlitch’s stream will get $50 in giveaways
  • Exclusive contract opportunities for the TOP 32 participants

👉 Registration Requirements

🚨 Important Notice

When you join the Discord channel there will be a welcome message that will ask you to change your Discord nickname to the following format – Auto Chess In-game Name (Auto Chess ID).
For example: Destroyer666 (Y9NFH)

This is an important step that will help other players to locate you in Discord and allow us to award you the prizes if you win the tournament or any on-stream raffles.

⚔️ Tournament Schedule

Stages Format Schedule
ROUND 1BO2Sept 13, 12:00 PST
ROUND 2BO2Sept 14, 10:00 PST
SEMI-FINALSBO2Sept 17-18, 15:00 PST

Quick Rules

  • Matches will be played using Custom lobbies in Auto Chess with up to 8 participants on the North American (US/Canada) server.
  • The longer a participant survives within a match, the higher their ranking will be. In case two or more participants are tied during the BO2 or BO3 matches, please see the scoring rules.
  • The top 4 participants of each match in Round 1 advance to Round 2. Then the top 4 participants of each match in Round 2 advance to the BO2 Semi-finals and then the Grand Finals.
  • Qualification Matches will be self-organized by participants according to the brackets and a tournament schedule. After each game is over, the winners have to submit a screenshot of the scoreboard and upload it on the dedicated Discord channel.
  • Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be hosted and coordinated by our streamer CallMeGlitch. More details will be posted in our Discord group.

How to earn Points

  • Participants will be randomly divided into groups of eight (8) by and form the Brackets of the Tournament that will be shared in Discord.
  • All Groups will compete simultaneously in separate Match lobbies.
  • Players will be ranked in the order that they are eliminated from the Match. In each Group, the last remaining Player will be awarded 1st place for the Match. Players will be awarded points based on their standing in accordance with the chart below.
Players StandingPoints Awarded

Ranking Tiebreakers

If two or more players achieve the same overall standing during BO2 or BO3 phases of the Tournament, Ties will be resolved by applying the following tie-breaking mechanisms, in order of application:

  1. Highest Total Number of Matches won;
  2. Most Top 4 finishes;
  3. Head-to-head results across Qualifiers, Semi-finals, and Finals.

Who Can Apply for the StreamCraft Open: Auto Chess Tournament?

Any player can apply to participate in the StreamCraft Open: Auto Chess Tournaments. 
The Administrator will select the top 672 to 1344 participants from the received applications, depending on the scale of the Tournament, and will divide them into the 8-person groups through the Challonge brackets system. The Qualifiers brackets will be available in our Discord channel by September 12.

The Application Rules:

  1. Only real persons with a valid Auto Chess account are allowed to participate in the Auto Chess Cup.
  2. All the information provided through the application form should be correct and honest. The Administrator of the tournament will review all the applications and will disqualify and ban all participants that provided invalid information.
  3. Participants should provide active contact information (Discord, email) and stay connected during the Tournament for communications with Administrator and streamer(s).
  4. After registration:
    1. The applicant automatically agrees to all the Terms and Conditions (Official Rules) of the Tournament.
    2. The participant can only change the application with the permission of the Administrator.
    3. Every participant acknowledges the right for the Administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice and if necessary overrule those to ensure fair play and integrity throughout each cup.
    4. Every participant has to show the needed respect towards Admins and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.
    5. Every participant must be registered on StreamCraft and Discord and have their correct Auto Chess ID entered.
    6. Every participant has to try to win every round at every stage of the Auto Chess Cup. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.
    7. Vulgar, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive participant names are forbidden. Names with deliberately changed size and format are also not allowed.
    8. Every participant acknowledges the right for the Administration to edit participants’ names if names are deemed unfit for display.


All direct communication between participants and the organizers is confidential. This includes reports, protests or any form of interactions with Admins. The publication of any of the above is forbidden unless the organizers give explicit permission in a written statement.

Before the Match


All participants must be available on Discord and in the Auto Chess app on the North American server as long as they are actively participating in the Cup.

Hosting your Match

  • The participant who is shown first in the participant list of their group should host the lobby.
  • If the lobby isn’t hosted within 10 minutes of the official match time, any other participant must then host the lobby.
  • The host must enter the game 15 minutes before the match time and add all other participants in the friend list using their in-game ID specified in the Brackets.
  • The host should invite other participants inside the lobby by the time specified in the Brackets schedule.
  • If any participant is not online then the host can try to contact them through Discord.
  • The host should wait for other participants for 15 minutes before launching the game.

It’s the sole responsibility of each participant to be punctual and come on time, therefore, the host is not obligated to communicate with them through Discord, but could do it on their own will.


If a participant is not in the lobby and ready to start the game 15 minutes after the official match time, they will lose the game by default and the lobby is to be started without them.

Lineup Check

Participants are responsible for checking their opponents before the start of the game. If a different participant than listed in the group ranking is in the lobby, participants can refuse to start the game.

Game Settings

Server – North America (USA / Canada)
Game Mode – CUSTOM

During the Match


Any participant or viewer may stream the matches. StreamCraft will randomly reward the Tournament streamers with Coin Drops and Gifts during the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals! 


Abusing any bug is strictly forbidden.


Any and all cheating is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to the usage of any third-party cheating/hacking applications.

After the Match

Reporting the Score

After the game is over, the winners have to submit a screenshot of the scoreboard and upload it on the match page. Afterwards, they must write a message in the dedicated Discord Room to inform the Administration. If they don’t do that, one of the other participants has to submit the scoreboard instead. If no screenshot is sent by any participant within 30 minutes of the end of the match, all match participants are disqualified from the current cup.

Disputes / Protests

Disputes regarding a match must be posted in the dedicated Discord Room within 15 minutes of the end of the match. The user has to take care to provide any evidence necessary (e.g. screenshots). Tickets which are submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

Rule Violation and Punishment

The punishment for any rule violation includes but is not limited to:

  • Disqualification from the tournament
  • Ban from future StreamCraft Open tournaments

Additional Community Rules

  1. Additional conditions may be specified in our Discord group.
  2. If any unforeseen circumstances arise during the Tournament, the Administrator reserves the right to have the final decision(s), which may include disqualification.
  3. Players must abide by the StreamCraft Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, which include treating each other with respect and using appropriate language. Please read, review, and agree to our Terms before participating.

Prize Payment Method

All Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners within 30 business days after winners’ statement. Make sure to share valid contact details with us.

🖥️ Watching the Tournament

Starting from the Semi-finals, the Tournament will be broadcasted LIVE on StreamCraft. Join our awesome streamer CallMeGlitch who will be casting the exciting games, reacting and commenting on all the action with you!

CallMeGlitch will not be participating in the Tournament as a player (even though he’s one of the best players). Instead, he’ll forfeit at the beginning of each match to continue as a pure spectator. His goal is to help our community to organize this Tournament in Discord and to share with you the gameplay and tactics of the best Auto Chess players in the world!

Don’t forget to follow CallMeGlitch on StreamCraft and share some love:


🎁 Don’t miss out on the raffles that will be held on CallMeGlitch’s channel! We’ll be raffling cash prizes during the Semi-finals and a super special prize during the Finals.


  • To win prizes, you must participate in CallMeGlitch’s live stream and be online until the end!
  • To receive the award, please pay attention to the instructions during the live stream. You will be told to send a message via Discord with your necessary information to claim your prize.

Match Information


Let’s have an awesome tournament everyone!


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