Subscription Sticker Contest

Submission Period: August 21 – September 8, 2019

StreamCraft 2.4 is out and one of the biggest new features is customizable Subscriber-only stickers for each channel. Any streamer can create these custom stickers, upload, and let their Subscribers use them.  To celebrate this new feature, we are holding a contest!

How to enter

  1. During a submission period, create & upload any custom sticker that is following our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  2. StreamCraft team will pick top 10 stickers and host a voting session on Gleam.
  3. Creators of top 3 stickers will win cash prizes.
  4. 50 users who cast a vote will be raffled to win Coins.
  5. 10 streamers who uploaded a sticker during the submission period will be raffled to win Gems.

🏆 Winners

Streamer Winners

Octo Stream Diena WW Levi Café

Streamer Raffle Winners


Voter Raffle Winners

Carolina MenesesSaR•iFNaomi Lynne
Kleo da silv@Priya Pambudhipointmicrosoft
Bora BaheaAndrean MaulanaSachrul
-HatreDIndra ramadhanmrx225
LunnaSlHand SeptiadiaGiiLLL
Anderson AlvesAlip Setiyono47951240rayasatria
Samekichi/GabrielRizky Adi PratamaStRIKeSsj
MarkbrmEmelson VedroCabech
RicardoSolaresWulan Antikaraissaa
⚡Destruidor™⚡Daffa Tsanygabrielv6
Karllos JoséJuan felipe lealFocaralho
ArySiahayaJefferson MartinezJhonny king
MR.OPisicuța Tsuki/Kikodichaaldyansah
Muhammad Haikal52426560Pereiraofc10Woc
Faalll queen_misell CandyMan96
Alissom Santos #TropaDoCafé


Grand Prize1200 USD
Runner Up250 USD
Voter Raffle50500 Coins (= 1 month subscription)
Streamer Raffle101,000 Gems

Contest Period

Submissions: August 21 – September 8, 2019

Voting: September 10 – 15, 2019

Winner announcement: September 17, 2019

Prize distribution: From September 20, 2019. This may take up to 5 business days.


Subscriber Sticker Contest (EN)


  • Any submissions that are infringing copyrights of any product or brand will not be accepted.
  • Users cannot win multiple prizes.
  • If there are not enough participants, any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  • Winners will be contacted by email or an in-app message and they will have 7 days to confirm the winning. Any prizes that are not claimed within 7 days of this notice will be forfeited.

To upload a sticker, please read the following instructions:

On the website, go to My Account, then About Streamer, and then Subscriber Sticker Settings. Now click Add!

You’ll see a dialog box open, which is where you can upload your custom Stickers.


You need to follow these settings to upload your Stickers (otherwise you’ll just be causing yourself some headaches):

  • Your Sticker must be less than 10 kb.
  • Dimensions must be 1:1 – make it a square folks, for example, 60×60 px.
  • The filename of your Sticker must have a combination of 2 different character types – so letters and numbers, letters and ‘/’, or letters and ‘_’. It can also only be up to 10 characters long.
    • Naming your Sticker “Bob” won’t work ❌
    • Naming your Sticker “123” won’t work ❌
    • Naming your Sticker “space_cat” will work ✔️

Some other tips:

  • Follow our Community Guidelines, and Terms of Use (obviously).
  • Transparency in your image will work, as long as you save the file in png format.
  • Use something that is recognizable and unique to your community!

OK, back to the tutorial. Once you’ve got your Sticker file ready, named and sized correctly, click Select Sticker Image(s) in the dialog box and upload them. Click Upload – if everything’s gone correctly, you should see the ‘Successful Upload’ popup.

Now that you’ve successfully uploaded your first Sticker, your Subscribers can start using them!

On the website, all your Subscribers have to do is go to your channel and click the happy face icon directly below the chat. The Sub-exclusive Stickers will appear at the top.

Then they just click on the Sticker, and Send it, simple as that! They can also type the file name you set for your Sticker in the chat as a shortcut to send it 🤓.

Don’t worry mobile users, Subscribers can send Stickers on the StreamCraft mobile app too. You as the streamer can only upload your Stickers on the website, though (for now).


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