OBS Settings for StreamCraft

Want to use OBS to stream on StreamCraft but don’t know your bit rates from your frame rates? Well fear not, intrepid streamers – read on to find out how to set up the most stable, widely view-able stream possible.

First, some key definitions:

Bit Rate: How quickly units of data (bits) move between two locations – usually measured per second. We only care about kilo bits (kb) and mega bits (mb) – if your Latin’s rusty, just remember that there are 1000 kilo bits in a megabit.

FPS: FPS is a measurement of frame rate, or roughly how frequently the image displayed on your screen is refreshed per second.

Keyframe Interval: This determines how often the entire frame displayed gets replaced with new data, instead of just updating the existing frame to reflect the differences transmitted.

Resolution: In rough terms, the amount of detail transmitted and displayed on screen – common values are 720p, 1080i, etc.

Encoder/Codec: A tool that converts your stream into a transmittable form, then makes it viewable again on the viewer side.

When you’re setting up a stream for StreamCraft, keep two things in mind:

  1. The majority of StreamCraft users (your viewers) are going to be watching on mobile
  2. Mass viewability and stability is more important than image quality

That means it’s better to have a few hundred people watching you comfortably at a lower resolution than it is to have a 10K resolution stream that no one is able to watch.With that in mind, here are our current recommended OBS settings:

Bit Rate
2500 kbps
Frame Rate
30 FPS
Keyframe Interval2 seconds
Resolution720p (1280 x 720)

Remember: performance will vary depending on your system and connection strength/stability. It’s possible your system won’t be able to stream smoothly at these levels. Be prepared to experiment a little to find the “sweet spot” for your stream.

To stream at the recommended settings above, your upstream internet connection needs to be around 2.5 Mbps. If you aren’t sure how your connection to our server is doing, take a second to test it out using the StreamCraft PC app.

The absolute bare minimum upstream connection required to stream to StreamCraft is 0.7 Mbps (but please be aware: with a connection like this you will barely be able to stream at 480p, and it will look terrible).

Watch your speed!

We have always recommended using a bit rate of 2500 kbps, as this generally provides the most consistent viewing experience for users on a variety of devices. There’s still some of you that try to push the limits, though, which unfortunately ends up slowing down the system for everyone. So starting with StreamCraft v2.3, our system will automatically stop any stream that has a bit rate setting over 10000 kbps. This means you speed demons who have tried streaming with 15M, sorry, you’ll see an error message when you try to stream until you lower your settings!

Over the next few months we will be rolling out updates that will improve performance for higher quality streams – but for now, stick to the above!

Happy streaming!


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