Update 2.2: Discovery, Transcoding, and More Ways to Earn Rewards

May 2019 Update

App version 2.2 is coming soon (late May/early June), and we’re happy to unveil a whack of new programs & features that will help small streamers to grow and flourish. Partnered streamers, good news for you too, transcoding (aka the ability to change the stream’s video quality), will be available for ALL of you! 💃🤸

Read on for all the juicy details.

App Version 2.2 – Summary

  • StreamCraft Stardom program. This new program is dedicated to streamers just starting out, who want to work their way up to an official partnership with us. Each week you can advance through the different stages, gaining more exposure, training, and of course, potentially win some Coins. Read more about the StreamCraft Stardom program on the dedicated blog page!
  • A brand new Discovery section! This will give more streamers the opportunity to get noticed by viewers and organize streams and replays in a more intuitive way. Further details on this feature below.
  • All partnered streamers get transcoding, YAY! This means your viewers will be able to select the best resolution for them on your live streams and your replays (1080p / 720p / 480p / 240p).
  • Our mobile app (Android and iOS) will now have an additional way to earn Tickets and/or Coins through video ads. Read more on this below.
  • Web navigation improved even further.
  • As usual, more “general” updates like improving our servers and further optimizing our platform.

Discovery Section

Viewers will now have more ways to find and notice you in our new Discovery section. This section will have spots for those who qualify under the StreamCraft Stardom program, esports teams, New at StreamCraft, and more.

You may be wondering – how the heck do I get on this fancy Discovery section? Here’s a few ways you, yes you, can get noticed:

⭐️ Join the StreamCraft Stardom program!

Read here all the info about this new program to help you become a big star.

🎥 Stream for the first time

If you’re a brand spanking new streamer, you may qualify to be on the ‘New at StreamCraft’ list (updated every month on the 10th):

  1. You streamed for the very first time this month. Remember, the list cuts off every 10th, so if you streamed for the very first time on the 8th, you most likely won’t make the list. Our advice is to do your very first stream on the 11th or 12th to improve your chances of making it on the list!
  2. You streamed a minimum of 20 hours across a minimum of 8 days in the month. It sounds like a lot, but if you split it up, it’s definitely achievable!
  3. You earned enough Points to appear on the list. Points are calculated as:
    ACU + Stream Length (in hours) + 0.5 * no. of new followers
    For example, if you streamed for 45 minutes, with 10 ACU, and gained 30 new followers, you would gain 10 + 0.75 + 0.5 * 30 = 25.75 Points.

🏷 Join a category

Get tagged by StreamCraft staff with one of our official categories. Categories include esports teams, professional players, and more. Email us at support@streamcraft.com to chat with our staff and learn more about gaining one of these tags.

Video Ad Spots (Mobile only)

We took some inspiration from mobile games, where you can earn bonus points/hints/etc. by watching ads, and have adapted that for StreamCraft!

We’re doing our best to listen to all of your feedback, and hope you enjoy this latest updated. As always, there is more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned as we continue to make StreamCraft even more amazing. If you notice something is going buggy, or have more feedback on the platform, contact us at support@streamcraft.com!

-The StreamCraft Team-

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