Do’s & Don’ts – “IRL” content on StreamCraft

We get a lot of questions about different types of IRL content on StreamCraft, so here’s a breakdown of what you can and cannot do during your live streams.

The Overall Rule

StreamCraft is a game-focused streaming platform. That means as a streamer, we expect you to live stream gaming content. We realize you’re human, though, and may need a bit of a break during your live streams. Our rule of thumb – you can take a break during your stream to watch a clip / chat to your fans / have a dance party / etc as long as it does not take up the majority of your stream and is not otherwise violating our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

So can I watch other videos and clips on my stream?

It depends!

Watching clips/short videos:
If you stop playing a game for 20 minutes in your 4 hours stream to watch a couple clips, chat with your fans? That’s fine! Use your head, though, and remember to only watch videos that are appropriate for all ages (our Community Guidelines – READ THEM).

Watching longer videos/movies:
If you’re watching the latest Avengers movie on stream while reacting? Nope, you’re gonna get your stream taken down, and most likely banned.

What if it’s a special event, like E3 or the FIFA World Cup?

This one is a bit trickier and is very dependent on if the special event is gaming related.

Gaming-industry events (like E3):
If you are interested in rebroadcasting gaming industry events, such as E3, BlizzCon, BGS, etc, you NEED to contact us ahead of time (your StreamCraft manager or Make your case explaining why you’d make a great live caster of this event on StreamCraft, and we will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

Gaming tournaments (like the League of Legends Championship Series):
If you wanted to rebroadcast a gaming event like an official tournament, that is more difficult, because many of them have exclusive broadcast rights. That means the television network or website owns all the rights to that tournament, so other platforms (like us) would not be able to show that content. When in doubt, please contact us ahead of time!

Special sporting events (like the FIFA World Cup):
Nope, sorry! Even if you are rebroadcasting the event with commentary, this is not video game related content, so your stream would be taken down.

What about watching anime?

Watching anime is still watching something, not playing games on stream, so the rules still apply.
Watching anime for a few minutes while you take a break is fine. Watching an entire episode, nope. Binge watching an entire season, definitely not.

I’m planning on streaming for 9 hours – does that mean I can watch videos for 2 hours?

Short answer – no.

Even though that wouldn’t be “the majority of your stream”, you still can’t just watch videos for 2 hours straight while you’re live streaming.

If you need to take a break that long, just stop the stream. For super long streams, we suggest you plan short mini-breaks throughout your live stream instead. That way you can grab a bite to eat, watch one or two clips, and chat a bit, without having 2 hours of dead air time.

OK, what about just chatting with my audience?

The same rules apply!

Chatting / Just face-cam for a short time:
Pause your game, chat about life with your fans for 10 minutes, then go back to the game? Perfect!
Show some books you’re reading, a new toy you bought, then go back to your regular stream? Great!
Dance a bit because you’re so excited? Awesome! (Make sure you clip that too 😏).

Just face-cam for the whole stream:
Nope, sorry, not allowed. Even if you’re talking about games for the entire stream, if you are just showing your face, your stream will be taken down.

That about wraps it up! If we didn’t cover your specific scenario about IRL content, please reach out via email to We’re always here to help!

– The StreamCraft Team –


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