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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Invitation Program Season 2

StreamCraft rewards users who help build the community. For every successful referral, you’ll receive 💰$0.50 USD worth of Gems. Your friends get rewarded too! Every qualified referred user gets 50 Coins. This program is a 📱MOBILE-ONLY promotion.

STEP 1: Copy Your Unique ID

Remember if you’re a partnered/signed streamer with us and you’ve updated to a custom URL, your invitation code will be updated as well!

STEP 2: Share Your Unique ID with Friends

STEP 3: Have Friends Download StreamCraft App & Enter Your Unique ID

STEP 4: Have Your Referred Friends Watch 90 Minutes of Any Stream

  • You get $0.50 USD in Gems that you can cash out*
  • Referred friend gets additional 25 Coins!


You may heard of Agent Program. It is simple, if anyone you invited through the Invitation Program is or becomes a streamer, you will receive 3% of their streamer revenue from Subscriptions and Props as a 💰bonus! You are not getting a cut from the streamer, the bonus will be coming out of StreamCraft’s pocket so feel free to invite other content creators!

Gems: In-app currency that can be cashed out via PayPal, once $20 USD is accumulated

Coins: Purchasable currency that can be used to subscribe or send Props to streamers

Official Rules and Conditions

Questions? Contact us at


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