Important Notice

Dear StreamCrafters,

Thank you for your continued support for StreamCraft. Unfortunately, StreamCraft will be ceasing operations in a month. To thank you for your support, IGG’s top-selling game Lords Mobile has prepared awesome gifts just for you!

Lords Mobile is a mobile RPG game with strategy elements that will keep your adrenaline pumping as you team up with other players to battle large bosses! 3D graphics and animation bring the Heroes to life as you explore treacherous dungeons together! There are already over 290 million players worldwide for you to team up with or battle against.

Lords Mobile Redemption Event

Event Duration: October 12 00:00 – November 10, 00:00 (GMT-5)

We have prepared FREE Lords Mobile packs (up to $500 value) for each StreamCraft user. We have also prepared Lord’s Journey packs containing twice the amount you’ve spent on StreamCraft!

Our aim is to aid you in securing your rightful spot as Lords and Ladies of Lords Mobile!

Event Rules:

  1. Please register your IGG ID for Lords Mobile via this registration page. You can check your IGG ID at any time via Setting->Account in Game. Then download Lords Mobile via this link if you haven’t already and sign into the game! 
  2. All users who participate will automatically get an exclusive Lord’s Journey Pack.
  3. You will be able to redeem additional Lord’s Journey Packs based on your StreamCraft account balance. Every 7,000 StreamCraft Coins or 5,000 StreamCraft Gems can be exchanged for Lord’s Journey Packs – the more StreamCraft Coins or Gems you have, the more Packs you’ll win!
  4. Each user (based on IGGID) can get up to a maximum of 20 Lord’s Journey Packs.
  5. StreamCraft accounts registered after October 12, 2019, are not eligible for this event.
  6. The winners will be officially announced on November 11, 2019. The Lord’s Journey Pack(s) will be sent to your Lords Mobile account on November 12.
  7. Lords Mobile customer service can be contacted after November 12 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this event.

Note: Lords Mobile Journey Packs cannot be exchanged for cash.

🎁 Each Lord’s Journey Pack includes:

3,000 Gems *1Speed Up Training (60 m) *20Speed Up
(60 m) *20
Build Boost (10%) *1 Speed Up Research (60 m) *20Research
Boost (10%) *1
1,000 Holy Stars *1Training Boost (10%) *1 Gather
Boost (100%) *1
Relocator *1 Quest Scroll (Admin) *10Gryphon
Chest *30
Braveheart *1Quest Scroll (Guild) *10[Rare] Material
Chest *30
Noceros Chest *3025% Player EXP Boost *1

StreamCraft Closing Information

Our official last day will be November 11th, 2019. We couldn’t say thank you enough to you, our wonderful community, for learning and growing with us over these last 2 years. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our short time together and will stay connected with the friends you’ve made on our platform.

The specific details of our closing are as follows:

  • Purchasing of Coins has been suspended as of October 10th. You can still spend your Coins on donations to Streamers, but will NOT be able to purchase more.
  • If you purchase the VIP perk or a Subscription, it will expire on November 10th, at the latest.
  • Gems can be withdrawn as normal up until October 31st (23:59 GMT -5). Note that you can only withdraw in increments of $20, $50, $100, $200, or $500. If you have any leftover Gems outside of these increments, you can redeem them through the above Lords Mobile program.
  • Streamers can still earn Gems from donations, Subscriptions, and VIP purchases, but remember, your last day to withdraw will be October 31st.
  • The main functionality of the StreamCraft website and app will be available until at least October 31st. That means you will be able to live stream, download past streams, and watch streams/VODs up until the 31st.
  • Basic functionality of the StreamCraft website and app will be available until November 11th. This will be limited to things like checking your withdrawal status and in-app messages.
  • The majority of our ongoing events are canceled effective immediately, including Players Unite; QuizCraft; Auto Chess tournaments; AoV tournament; Sponsored esports; Show de Talentos; StreamCraft Stardom; Feedback Event; and the Invitation Program.
  • We will still honor the prizes of the events that are ending soon, specifically: Castle Clash – Stream, Watch, & Win.

Although our chapter is ending, we hope that you will continue creating content and growing your own communities. Thank you for your support!

We look forward to seeing you again in Lords Mobile!

The StreamCraft Team


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