Say Goodbye to Seek the Peak, and Hello to StreamCraft Stardom

Over the past year and a bit, our Seek the Peak event has rewarded over $15,000 to streamers who worked hard to gain the most followers. It’s been great to be able to reward so many dedicated streamers every week!

As we’ve grown and developed, we realized we didn’t want to reward streamers for just followers anymore. We want to encourage streamers to grow their content hours, average viewership, and constantly improve on themselves to become the next big star.

So with that, we decided to say goodbye to our old friend Seek the Peak. 👋 The last official Seek the Peak prize will be on May 27th, 2019.

We’re also saying hello, to the newest addition to the StreamCraft family of events – StreamCraft Stardom! 🎉

StreamCraft’s New Event – Work your way up to become a STAR! 🤩

We’re happy to be launching the StreamCraft Stardom event along with our 2.2 app update, coming late May / early June. With StreamCraft Stardom, every week you’ll get updates on your streaming progress, be entered to win StreamCraft Coins, and be able to measurably see your progress towards becoming a bigger and better streamer.

You’ll be able to read the full details of the StreamCraft Stardom event once it launches. Don’t worry, we have a ton of information for you to help you on your streaming journey. 👼

We can’t wait to see more new streamers debut on the platform and are excited for this next chapter of StreamCraft.

The StreamCraft Team


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