StreamCraft Stuff: Going Live on iPhone

Looking to kick start your streaming journey? We’re here to help! Read on for a detailed overview of how to make your first live stream from the StreamCraft iOS app.

Before we get into the actual streaming part, make sure you have registered for a StreamCraft account, and verified your email address. Once registered, try to make sure you’re connected to a stable internet source (Wi-Fi generally better than LTE/4G/3G), have a good amount of battery, and UNPLUG your headphones.

Setting Up Your Stream

1. Tap camera icon on the top right of the app, and then tap Stream Settings.

2. Tap the text box at the top of the screen, and name your stream. Make sure your stream name follows our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines!

3. Choose what game you’ll be playing on stream by tapping ‘Select Game’. You can scroll through the list of games, or start typing the game name in the top text box. If your game is not on the list, pick the ‘Other’ option. (If you’d like your game on the list for future streams, drop us an email with the information 😉).

4. Now set up what language you will be streaming in. This is pretty important, as viewers will see streams in their preferred language FIRST. So if you select English, and most of your viewers have their app in French, they will have a harder time locating your stream.

5. You can now add a tag to your stream. This will give your viewers more information about what they can expect in your stream – like if you are trying out a game for the first time, or giving a Tutorial about how to play the game.

6. You can now set the resolution for your stream. Best practice is to hit the “Rec” button, as that will allow our system to check your phone’s internet connection and hardware specs, and then provide you with the ideal resolution.

In this example, based on the internet connection (Wi-Fi with full bars), phone model (iPhone 6), and OS (12.1.4), the StreamCraft app recommended 720P and 2,000 kbps. You could go higher or lower than the recommendations, just keep in mind that you want to provide the best possible viewing experience for your audience. Experiment to find what works best!

7. Now that everything’s set up, take one last read of our Community Guidelines for streaming. These are obviously super important, they are what govern our entire platform.

8. It’s time to hit Save!

Note that hitting save will NOT automatically make you go live – you still have a couple more steps to go!

9. First, you need to make sure your phone has screen casting/recording enabled. Go to your phone’s Settings, then Control Center. From here, add “Screen Recording”. This process will ensure that the Screen Recording functionality is added to your quick access Control Center.
Now that that’s out of the way, you can go back to the StreamCraft app, tap the camera icon at the top right again, and tap Screen Recording. You should get a pop-up that prompts you to choose your Camera Roll or StreamCraft – pick StreamCraft! The app will give you a 3-2-1 countdown, and then you’ll be live.

Now that you’re live, you can go ahead and play your game and interact with your fans. The StreamCraft app has a lot of different functions and features that you can utilize to make your stream even better.

Stream Functions

After you go live, navigate back to the StreamCraft home screen and then tap the camera icon in the top right. This will take you to your live channel. You’ll see the top bar of your screen is red – this is to remind you that you’re still live!

You can view the full set of functions by tapping on the 3 horizontal dots. Here’s what they all do:

Coin Drop (Teal Chest symbol)
Give away Coins to your audience members by hosting a Coin Drop! Learn more about Coins here.

Entrance and Likes Messages (Star symbol)
By tapping this symbol, you can choose if you see a variety of messages. For example, if your viewer Bob was spamming the like button, normally the chat would show like Bob liked your stream once, 5 times, 10 times, etc. As a streamer, you could turn these Like Messages off, though, by going into this menu.

Notifications (Bell symbol)
By tapping the bell symbol, you can choose which notifications you will receive as you stream – if people comment and/or gift you Props.

Viewers (person with crown icon)
From here, you can see who is currently watching stream, moderators, and muted users. You can also set someone up as a Mod, Mute or Kick them, or Co-host from here.

Double-Down (Versus icon)
The Double-Down feature lets you host betting events, that your viewers can wager on using the Green Tickets. You can read more about it here.

Co-Host (Dynamic Microphone icon)
You can invite one of your viewers to co-host your stream with you! You (the host) and your co-host’s voices will be heard on the stream for other viewers.

Stop Stream (X icon)
Once you’re done your amazing and wonderful stream, hit this button to officially end your broadcast. You may also have to go back into your Control Center to stop the screen recording.

Unfortunately the Face Cam feature is not available at this time for iOS.

Other Tips

1. Everything is live – someone sends you a text, FB message, etc and your phone gets a notification, your viewers will be able to see it.Always protect your privacy FIRST, and make sure you don’t accidentally show your bank account, texts with your mom, etcetera.

2. Remember that if you have headphones plugged in, your viewers will NOT be able to hear the sounds from your game.

3. After your stream is done, we suggest you check out the statistics – how many people were watching, how many Props you received, and more! This will help you to grow and improve as a streamer. You can read all about how to check your stats, and what all of the numbers mean, here.

4. Have fun, and enjoy streaming!

The StreamCraft Team


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