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March 2019 Update

We’ve finally got a way for you to spend your hard-earned tickets! Read on to learn all about our brand new Fan Club system in version 2.0 of our app.

Streamers – Setting Up your Fan Club

The Fan Club system is a new way for people to show their support for you across the StreamCraft platform. If you have over 100 followers, congrats, you can make your very own Fan Club! Here’s how:

Navigate to Me (My Account on web), then Privileges, and then Fan Medal Settings.

On this page, you can customize the name of your Fan Club. Note that there are some restrictions – you have a maximum of 10 characters, and cannot include anything that would violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service (no swear words, derogatory language, etc.). As you type, you should see how your Fan Club badge will appear.

You only get ONE shot at creating your Fan Club name, so make sure you really like it before hitting save. The ONLY way to change it afterwards is if you spend more of your hard-earned tickets.

Once you hit Save, your Fan Club name will be sent for review. Members of the StreamCraft staff currently manually review all names – we will do our best to review every 48 hours, but remember, we’re human too!

While your Fan Club name is under review, you should see the ‘Pending’ status in your Fan Medal Settings. When your name is approved, it will appear in your Fan Medal Settings as ‘Current Name’.

But wait, there’s more! You can customize more than just your Fan Club name. There are Fan Club Medal Skins available in the ticket shop to really make your fans stand out. To purchase, go to Me (My Account on web), then Store.

Currently, you can purchase the Alligator Medal customization, which will last for either 1 or 7 days. In the future, you will be able to purchase many different styles of Fan Medals 😉.

To configure which Medal Skin you use, go back to Me (My Account on web), Privileges, then Fan Medal Settings. The customization(s) you purchased will be shown here. If you have purchased a bunch of different types, you can select which one you’d like to use at the moment, and hit Save.

Once you’re happy with your Fan Club name, customized it to your liking, and got StreamCraft staff approval, people can start joining your club!

Joining A Fan Club

Your #1 favorite streamer has started a fan club, you better join it!! Here’s how:

First, navigate to the streamer’s channel. Note that they don’t actually have to be live to join their club. At the bottom next to the regular Props, you should see a card icon with a heart shape – this is the Fan Club Ticket.

For 250 tickets, you can join a streamer’s Fan Club. Purchasing a Fan Club Ticket is just like sending a Prop – click on the icon, and then click Send. Assuming you have enough tickets (remember, you need 250), you should see this joyful confirmation message:

You’re not quite done yet! Click ‘Head Over Now’ to “equip” your Fan Club membership. You can also do this by going to Me (My Account on web), Privileges, then My Medals. From here you should see the Fan Club you just joined. You’ll also see you can actually join up to 20 streamer’s clubs!

Important note though – you can only “equip” one Club at a time.

Check the box of the Club that you want to represent, then hit Save. You are now officially a card-carrying member of that streamer’s Club!

Now that you’re a member of the Club, you might be wondering, what exactly does this grant you? Once you’re in a streamer’s Club, you can send them Fan Club exclusive Props. Currently you can send the Rocketship Prop for 60 tickets! More of these super exclusive Fan Club Props will be added in the future.

The other big benefit of being in a streamer’s Fan Club is that their badge will show up in front of your username in ANY chat. That means no matter where you are on the StreamCraft platform, everyone will know you are a supporter of your favorite streamer.

More Fun Things to Buy

You may have noticed in the Store there are a few other items to buy, so here’s some more info on them.

Chat Icon

Anyone can purchase this fun ‘lil unicorn badge that will appear in front of their username (and Fan Club badge) inside any channel’s chat. You can purchase this Chat Icon badge for either 1 day, or 7 days. More icons coming soon!

Comment (blue text)

When you’re in a streamer’s channel, you may have noticed you can enable/disable flying text – aka you can make the chat appear on-top of the video feed. By purchasing the ‘Comment’ customization, you can make your comments appear in a blue font for this flying text feature in any live stream. More colors coming soon!


This customization is also for flying text in any live stream. For 300 tickets, you can add a frame around your flying text comments for 1 day.

Other Misc Rules & Facts

OK, last section of information, we swear.

When you join a Fan Club, you’ll see something called your ‘Fondness Level’. This effects your rank in that streamer’s Club – so the higher your Fondness Level, the higher up you’ll be in the Club’s ranking. You can increase or maintain your Fondness Level by sending Fan Club Props like the Rocketship or the Fan Club Ticket.

Your Fondness Level is also important for staying inside the Club. Every 7 days after you’ve joined a Club, our system will automatically look at your Fondness Level for that Streamer – if it’s less than 0, then you’ll be kicked out of the Club! Staying in a streamer’s Fan Club is like looking after a plant, you have to show it love and care at least once a week. 😘

Don’t despair though, maintaining your Fan Club status only costs a few tickets every week, and tickets are pretty easy to get! Tickets are like loyalty points that you can earn through purchasing Coins, winning in a Double Down bet, and by watching any stream and clicking on the little egg.

On the streamer’s side, people joining your Fan Club is just another way for them to show their support. Fan Club Props only contribute to Fondness Level for fans; they do NOT get converted to Gems (no monetary value).

And that wraps it all up.

We know this is a lot of info to take in, but hopefully you and your fans will enjoy this new feature! As always, there is more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned as we continue to make StreamCraft even more amazing. If you notice something is going buggy, or have more feedback on the platform, contact us at!

-The StreamCraft Team-


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