Double-Down: BETA on StreamCraft!

One of the most exciting things about StreamCraft’s latest update is the brand new Double-Down feature, which brings the excitement of betting to live streams!

Here’s how it works:

For Streamers

1. While streaming, tap the “VS” icon in your streaming channel in the StreamCraft app.

2. Select “Start a New Double-Down”.

3. Configure your betting event appropriately (make sure you include both possible outcomes!) Note: don’t touch the time settings! Right now, all betting events have to start two minutes after you configure the event, and end three minutes after that pre-selected start time. Attempting to adjust these times will produce an error, so make your viewers know what’s going on before you start the event!

4. Viewers can now bet on the outcomes you’ve given as options.

5. Allow your viewers to bet – if you wish, you can close the betting period early by selecting “End”.

6. Once the betting period has closed, select the correct option (i.e. the outcome that “won”). Your viewers winnings will now be distributed accordingly! Tap Results to see how it went.

7. If you ever want to check back on past Double-Down events, just tap “Me” on the app home page, then “Double-Down”, and navigate to “Manage Bets” – you’ll see the results of all past events that you set up .

For Viewers

1. To get Tickets, claim your daily viewing rewards (the golden eggs that pop up while you’re watching streams) or buy Coins – every time you buy Coins, you’ll receive an equal amount of Tickets!

2. When a streamer lets you know they’re starting a Double-Down event, tap the “VS” icon on your screen.

3. When the event starts (a couple minutes after it’s set up), it’s status will show “Ongoing”. You can then choose which outcome you want to bet on! The current payout ratio for each option is displayed underneath it, to help you see what other people are thinking (the higher the value, the less people have voted for it!) Tap the option you think is going to win.

4. To place your bet, select from the options. The base values are 100, 1000, and 10000 – but to bet for a different amount, tap each multiple times to add further Tickets. In the example below, a bet for 1200 Tickets was punched in by hitting 1000, then 100 twice.

5. After betting has closed, the streamer will confirm the winning outcome, and Tickets will be redistributed accordingly! At this time you’ll also be able to see an update to the betting rankings for that channel, identifying who is:

The Hustler: The all-time highest cumulative earning from betting in a channel.

The Psychic: The individual who has participated in the most betting events in a channel.

The Raven: The all-time worst performing better in the channel, who has squandered the most tickets.

6. If you want to check in on your track-record, tap “Me” then “Double Down” to see how you’ve done on previous bets.

7. To track your winnings, tap “Me” then “Betting History” – “Winnings” shows the Tickets entering your account, and “Losses” shows the ones leaving.

8. To get more tickets, you can participate in any relevant promotional events, or purchase Coins (every purchased Coin comes with an additional Ticket).

But wait…what are Tickets even for?

Excellent question, reader! Tickets can be used to join a Fan Club, send Fan Club props, buy chat icons or chat text formats.


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