Changes to the Fan Club

Since we introduced the Fan Club system in March 2019, many users have been showing love to their favorite streamers. After analyzing data and listening to our streamers, we will be tweaking two things to make this system more valuable to both streamers and fans.

Fan Club Ticket Price: 250 Tickets

We will be increasing the price to join a streamer’s Fan Club from 100 Tickets to 250 Tickets. We found that it’s too easy to join Fan Clubs, and wanted to provide more prestige to those viewers who are really devoted to streamers. Streamers may have fewer fans as a result, but the connections and interactions they make will hopefully be more valuable.

As a viewer, you only need to send the Fan Club Ticket Prop once to join a streamer’s Fan Club. Then, you just need to send Fan Club Props like the Rocketship every calendar week to maintain your Fan status.

Rocketship: 60 Tickets

Rocketship Props will now cost 60 Tickets, instead of 20.

The Ticket price of Rocketship Props is also being increased for the same reason described above. Now streamers will understand it takes some extra effort to send the Rocketship and appreciate it more.  

Effective Date

This is a pre-announcement to let users know about the upcoming change. The updated prices will be effective 7 days away from now, on August 7th, 2019. We will send out an in-app message to remind all of you.


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