Update 2.3: Permanent Bans, Android Upgrades, and more!

July 2019 Update

App version 2.3 is HERE, and with it, we’ve got another batch of features and improvements that we hope will make your StreamCraft experience even better. Read on for everything that’s new and exciting in 2.3.

App Version 2.3 – Summary

  • Permanent bans. Streamers, you can now permanently kick/ban people from your channel. On a similar note, on the mobile app, you can set up / define what words you want to ban from your channel. We’ve included a short how-to on these new features below.
  • Brand new Android streaming tool – the SC Quick Menu. This’ll make chatting, hosting Coin Drops, and more even easier for you Android streamers. More info on the SC Quick Menu below!
  • Coin Drops can now be hosted for more people – share the love!
  • Improved language logic. This means the search tool, and recommendations will be better tailored to your chosen app/website language.
  • You should see at the top right of the website you can select your Interface and your Content language. “Interface” changes the website’s buttons, banners, and headings – this is similar to the Language setting that already existed in the Mobile app.

Content language changes the actual live streams and clips you will see first – if you select EN, you’ll see English content first, if you select PT, you’ll see Portuguese content first, etc. You can filter your Content language on the app, too, by tapping the language icon on the top right.

  • And you guessed it – more general updates like optimizing our coding, servers, and more.

Perma-banning & Keyword Blocking

Perma-banning – the Kick List

With the updated Kick list, you’ll be able to ban people from entering your channel for a day (24 hours) or permanently.

On web, to Kick someone from your live stream, first find their username from the Chat or general Viewers list. Click on their username, and then click Kick. You’ll be prompted to select the duration of the Kick. Once you do, click OK.

If you change your mind about Kicking someone out, don’t despair! You can edit their status at any time (you don’t even have to be live!). First, hover over the Viewers menu in your Channel, and then click Kick. You’ll now be shown the full list of every viewer you have Kicked. Click on a person’s username, and then Edit Kick to change their status in your channel.

This can all be done from your mobile app as well. While you are live streaming, tap the Viewers button (person with a crown icon) to see the full list of viewers. Then tap on the person’s username, and then tap Kick.

Just like on the website, you can select the duration of the Kick and then edit it at any time. You can edit your Kick list by going to Me, About Streamer, and then Kick List.

Keyword Blocking

With the new Keyword Blocking feature, you’ll be able to block/censor up to 50 keywords from your live stream chat. To add words to your list, go to Me, then About Streamer, and then Keyword Block.

Words added to your Keyword Block list can be up to 20 characters long. Once you’ve added a word to your block list, if someone tries to type that word, it will show up as *** in the chat instead.

The SC Quick Menu

Android streamers, this new feature was designed to make your life easier. Now instead of manually switching in between your game and the StreamCraft app to interact with your audience, you can simply tap on the SC Quick Menu!

To access the SC Quick Menu for the first time, set up your live stream like normal by entering a Stream name, selecting your game, tags, and video resolution. Once you tap “Start Screencasting” and “Start Now”, the app should prompt you about the SC Quick Menu.
Tap OK on the popup, and then “Allow permission” on the ‘Appear on top’ screen that appears.

Tap back from the ‘Appear on top’ screen to be redirected back to the StreamCraft app. You should be live now! As soon as you navigate to your game, you should see the SC Quick Menu as a bubble on the side of your screen.

Tap the SC Quick Menu at any time while you play your game to host a coin drop, participate in the chat, and more.

Then when you’re done streaming, tap the SC Quick Menu and then the ‘X’ button. Easy peasy!


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